Surprise of the past: 1980 Audi DTM

Audi 80 DTM

We know from the Audi DTM with the V8, the TT and A4. But there once was an 80 Audi DTM was developed, was less known. Audi shows the only prototype of the car at the Techno Classica in Essen.

The Audi 80 quattro 2.5 DTM was developed using the new DTM rules that took effect in 1993. Therefore, the car was a 2.5-liter V6 with 388 hp. Until 1993 the rules were less strict and thus were until then very different cars participate. Of the four cylinder BMW M3 to the large Audi V8.

The Audi DTM 80 has never on the track to prove, since Audi is the start of the season pulled out of dissatisfaction with lack of clarity about the rules. Even BMW and Opel in 1993 for having kept it. However, Alfa Romeo Alfa 155 DTM there with the V6. In his first year, to compete against the four-cylinder Mercedes 190 Evo, but from 1994 it was the turn of the C-Class V6.

Audi devoted himself to two liters-Touring Car Championship with the Audi 80 quattro 16V (including a lovely version homologation for road construction). His successor, the 1996 A4 Quattro Super Touring achieved great successes in various national championships two liters.

In the new DTM as we know from 2000, Audi is back in action with the TT and then the A4. The Audi DTM was 80 when he rolled out the factory immediately a museum piece. Too bad!